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        Valuable Articles

        Protection for Your Valuables

        Your valuable personal property deserves special insurance treatment. You can go a long way toward assuring your unique collection is protected with Cincinnati's personal articles coverage.

        Your coverage is as special as your valuables

        • You pay no deductible when you have specifically insured an item. However, you may qualify for a premium credit by selecting a deductible.
        • Your valuables can be covered by a blanket amount of insurance, or you can schedule each item at its specific value. 
        • You can choose from valuation options of Agreed Value or Current Market Value up to 150 percent of the scheduled amount.
        • Your valuables are covered at home or anywhere in the world, unless specifically excluded by the policy.
        • You may qualify for a premium-saving package credit when you also insure your primary residence with Cincinnati.

        Whether you are a seasoned collector or just getting started, we strive to serve you by providing the information you need to maintain your high-value pieces and to keep them safe.

        Insuring Your Valuables

        Cincinnati’s Capstone Personal Articles Coverage can insure all your treasured items, such as:

        • Antiques
        • Jewelry
        • Cameras
        • Musical Instruments
        • Coins
        • Rare books
        • Collector Autos
        • Silverware
        • Fine art
        • Sports memorabilia
        • Furs
        • Stamps
        • Guns
        • Wine

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