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        Protect Yourself with Umbrella Liability Insurance

        In today’s legal environment, an accident can threaten the solvency of your business. Judges and juries award millions of dollars to victims of serious accidents. Examples of losses paid by The Cincinnati Insurance Company, include:

        • $7.5 million to a 59-year-old man rendered a quadriplegic when his vehicle was rear-ended by a policyholder's employee
        • $5.5 million to a young victim of near-drowning due to a policyholder's failure to properly supervise
        • $7 million to an employee of a policyholder's sub-contractor who fell from scaffolding, suffering a severe closed head injury

        Cincinnati's exceptional umbrella liability insurance protects your business against the devastating effects of a large verdict. We may offer liability limits from $1 million to $25 million or higher. For most coverages, these limits can drop down to replace exhausted or reduced aggregate limits on your primary insurance.

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